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Real-time automation and orchestration of enterprise test data

Stream complete and compliant test data on-the-fly, removing costly bottlenecks and boosting test coverage.

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Transform how you approach test data

Test Data Automation shifts the test data paradigm from slow and manual “provisioning”, to streaming rich data in real-time. Parallel teams and frameworks enjoy all the data they need on-the-fly:


Real-time triggers stream data on-the-fly

Parallel test teams and frameworks self-provision data seamlessly as they work, submitting self-service forms, automated API requests and on-the-fly scheduler requests.

Data Masking-1

Automated data “find and makes”

Test Data Automation hunts for data from across interrelated sources, with integrated data generation to fill gaps in test coverage and data masking to reduce compliance risks.

Test Data Masking with Test Data Automation

Database orchestration and virtualisation

Automated orchestration spins up and populates virtualised databases in seconds, creating parallel environments at a fraction of the cost associated with physical data.

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Test Data at your fingertips

Whether you’re a tester, developer, framework or machine!

Test Data Automation accelerates the delivery of valuable software, providing rich, compliant and affordable data at real-time speeds.

Accelerate testing and development

Accelerate testing and development

Make data available in real-time to increase overall agility and release velocity.

Boost in sprint test coverage-2

Boost in-sprint test coverage,

Test with richer test data to find bugs earlier and at less cost to fix.

Test Data Privacy

Mitigate costly compliance risks

Test with a combination of masked and rich, synthetically generated data.

Test data cost reduction-1

Reduce infrastructure and operations costs

Virtualise and containerise data as it’s made available in parallel and on demand.

Discover Test Data-as-a-Service 

Read our solution brief to learn how you can transform the relationship that your teams and frameworks share with data, shifting from slow and manual data "provisioning" to streaming rich test data in real-time.

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Right Test Data. Right Place. Right Time.

Move beyond the logistics of copying data.

Test Data Automation provides a modern approach to test data.


Parallel teams enjoy unconstrained access to unique data sets, using a catalogue of test data to prepare the accurate data as they need it.


Automatically find and make accurate data for each and every test. “On the fly” data preparation ensures that data is valid and up-to-date.


Reliable data masking and realistic synthetic data generation avoid the use of PII in testing, mitigating the risk of damaging and costly data breaches.


Parallel test and development teams enjoy on demand access to rich data sets, delivering rigorously tested software in short iterations.


TDA provides on tap access to the data needed to achieve maximum test, detecting defects earlier, where they require less time and cost to fix.


End-to-end Test Data Automation embeds multi-step data preparation seamlessly within automated test execution and CI/CD pipelines.

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The need for test data in real-time

Test Data Automation provides data of the complexity, variety and volume demanded by a world of Enterprise DevOps, rapid development, and CI/CD. Test Data Automation is built for:

Hybrid enterprise architectures

Developments requires consistent data journeys that link across systems ranging from mainframe components, to Kafka queues and microservices.

Test Automation Frameworks

Data-hungry frameworks tear through data faster than ever, demanding continuous refreshes and fast-changing combinations in parallel.

Agile and iterative delivery

Up-to-date data is needed at the pace of rapid system change, and there is no time for manual data provisioning in CI/CD or short release cycles.

Parallel teams and frameworks

Each require continuous access to test data throughout a sprint, without the bottlenecks or test failures caused by data clashes or constraints.

Evolving privacy legislation

Integrating test data masking with synthetic data generation reduce testing’s dependency on potentially sensitive production data copies.

Exponential test data growth

New tools, “big data” systems and ever-faster processing power call for cost-effective alternatives to making physical copies of production data.

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Test Data-as-a-Service

Test Data-as-a-Service automatically finds, makes, and allocates complete and compliant test data on on-the-fly, using database virtualisation and orchestration to spin up and populate parallel test environments in seconds.

Test Data as a Service-1

With TDaaS, testers, developers, and frameworks can stream the rich test data they need in parallel and on demand, eliminating bottlenecks, coverage gaps and compliance risks that undermine software delivery.

  1. Parallel teams, automation frameworks and CI/CD pipelines work seamlessly throughout each sprint, triggering data requests via self-service forms, API calls, orchestration engines and schedulers.

  2. The on-the-fly data requests are passed as parameters to the integrated utilities needed to make complete and compliant data available in parallel, including data generation, masking, cloning and virtualisation.

  3. A central Test Data Mart and “data cube” combine with Master Data Management to find and integrate the right versions of source data, testing complex systems rapidly and in-line with parallelised development practices.

  4. A fully connected workflow engine connects into databases, files, message queues, mainframe systems and more, sourcing integrated data consistently for hybrid enterprise architectures.

  5. Test data cloning and allocation ensure that rich data of the right volume is available in parallel, locking data to prevent another tester or framework from using it up.

  6. Automated database orchestration spins up parallel images in seconds, filling them with the rich data. Database virtualisation and containerisation minimise the costs associated with providing parallel environments.

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Plugged Into Your World

Test Data Automation creates the rich data needed for rigorous testing across complex data underpinning your system.


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