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On demand data for rapid development. From unit tests all the way to high-volume stress testing.

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TDA performance



Test Data That Scales With Your Business

As enterprise data grows ever-larger and more complex, a scalable test data solution must produce data rapidly for integrated technologies. To help deliver quality software at speed, it must create high volumes of data on demand, supporting data-intensive activities like stress testing. 


Test Data Automation is a high-performance, lightweight solution, offering easy scalability without demanding heavy infrastructure. A default configuration is capable of generating millions of rows of data in minutes, accelerated by load balancing, multi-threading, horizontal scalability, and more. 

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Can you automate as quickly as EVERFI?

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50% Better Test Coverage

Using Test Modeller, testers and BAs at a $300 million telco start-up generated Jira tests and automated UI tests directly from BPMN requirements.

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25x Reduction in Test Volume

ThinkDonate auto-generated targeted tests into their REST Assured framework, using test results to formulate accurate API specifications.

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Selenium test generation at a large bank-1

25x Faster Test Creation

At a large bank, it had taken 10 testers two months to script 800 tests. With Test Modeller, one tester created 1000 Selenium tests in a single month.

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A Range of Performance Enhancing Techniques

Curiosity have built Test Data Automation using modern technologies and principles, differentiating it from decades-old tools that have been inconsistently modernised. A range of technologies and techniques ensure Test Data Automation’s scalability, resource-efficiency, and performance:

Load Balancing

Load Balancing

Test Data Automation jobs run at speed across distributed resources, including the option of multi-server deployment.



Parallel processing accelerates test data creation, with multi-threading to create all the data you need.



A lightweight, private or hybrid cloud deployment approach provides browser-based access, with easy scalability.

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Deploying on Docker and Kubernetes allows easy upgrades, horizontal scalability, and sharding for optimal performance.

human-queue copy

Jobs Queue

A jobs queue and “hopper” automatically submit jobs to Test Data Automation’s server, running jobs in parallel for optimal performance.

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The Data You Need, When You Need it

These performance-enhancing techniques ensure that Test Data Automation’s integrated data activities run rapidly and affordably, resolving “just in time” to provide accurate data during testing, development and CI/CD.  

Leveraging this complete toolkit doesn’t just create high-volumes of data. It ensures that on demand data is concise and capable of delivering quality software, faster. Data produced by Test Data Automation is:


Test Data Automation Test data Automation Logo

All the data you need, when you need it.

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