Curiosity's Mission

Re-entering the market in 2017, Curiosity were able to design requirements modelling, test generation, and test data solutions that are equipped for the world of test automation, DevOps, and CI/CD. We’ve created innovative solutions that create tests and data at the pace of CI/CD pipelines and test automation frameworks, being triggered on demand during both automated and manual processes.

Our goal is now to harness volumes of useful data that has been made available by the adoption of automated technologies. We are creating a “traceability lab” that links technologies across the whole SDLC. If something changes in one place, the impact of this change should be identified across requirements, tests, data, and beyond. New techniques in data analysis and tighter integrations across technologies means that this impact analysis can be automated. Adding automated generation of user stories, tests, and data further converts these insights into the artefacts cross-functional teams need to deliver quality software. If something changes, from design to production, the latest insights can then be reflected in continuous software releases.

Curiosity today offer effective solutions for generating user stories, test cases, and automated tests, in addition to automated solutions for finding, making and masking complete data for these evolving artefacts. Working collaboratively with your organisation, we hope to continue our journey to integrating these technologies within a “traceability lab”, auto-generating and targeting assets based on real-time changes.


Who we are

Curiosity are your partners when designing, building and rigorously testing complex systems in short sprints. Our tools generate clear system specifications with matching tests and data, while allowing business analysts, developers and testers to collaborate in parallel from visual flows.

Using Test Modeller, cross-functional teams build easy-to-maintain flowcharts of the desired system, importing requirements and tests to generate test cases, scripts and data. With support for a wide range of project management tools and automation frameworks, Test Modeller populates optimised tests across your SDLC. The central flows are quick to maintain as systems change, importing new stories and tests to generate rigorous automated tests.

Test Data Automation reflects the Curiosity team’s 25 years of experience in building innovative test data technologies. It provides rich data at the speed demanded by automated testing and short release cycles, allocating unique and compliant data sets as tests run. This “just in time” allocation leverages a wide range of native test data utilities, as well as existing tools and processes. These are all made reusable from a central test data catalogue, from which they can be embedded in automation frameworks, CI/CD pipelines and Test Modeller flowcharts. As tests run, Test Data Automation finds and makes compliant data on-the-fly, ensuring that every test has the data it needs.

Curiosity has also launched the world's first “Open Testing Platform”. This open technology harnesses data from across the whole development ecosystem, identifies what needs testing in-sprint, and generates the data and tests needed before the next release.

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