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Curiosity's Test Automation Demos

Model Based Test Automation for Sauce Labs - Curiosity Software Ireland

Watch this short video to discover how you can generate optimised tests and data automatically,...

Complete Mobile Appium Automation with Test Modeller

Watch this demo to find out how you can quickly and automatically generate Appium tests, optimised...

Complete Selenium Web Automation

Watch this short demo to learn how Test Modeller can maximise the speed and rigour of your existing...

Visualize and Maintain your BDD with Test Modeller

Visual BDD - Watch this short demo and learn how to automatically generate rigorous tests and...

Business Intelligence Testing: Dimension and Fact Tables

Automated coverage techniques and comprehensive test data management are the perfect match for...

Rigorous Automated Testing for Microsoft Visual Studio Team Services

Generate optimised tests and data, and maintain them automatically in Microsoft Visual Studio Team...

Rigorous Model Based Testing for Behaviour-Driven Development

Watch this short demo to discover how VIP can maximise the rigour of testing while retaining the...

Business Intelligence Testing: Rigorously Test BI Dashboards

Rigorous Business Intelligence testing. Auto-generate complete test data from easy-to-maintain...

Rapid Test Case Modelling

Watch this short demo to learn how the UI Recorder can introduce scriptless test automation,...

VIP for Eggplant - Rapidly Generate and Execute Rigorous Automated Tests

VIP for Eggplant is a powerful workflow framework that lets Eggplant Functional Tester drive a...