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File and Message Generation in 2 minutes

Input example files to generate thousands of synthetic messages in minutes. Test Data Automation removes the time wasted writing files, generating every message needed to test messaging systems at a fraction of the time and cost.

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Testing for new messaging standards?

When messaging systems reject or accept the wrong data, organisations risk downtime, bugs, and regulatory punishment. Rigorous testing is needed as message standards change, testing the custom message formats, malformed files and values sent in global messaging networks. Testers often create these repetitive files by hand, but this is time-consuming and resource-intensive. It further misses the range of valid and invalid files needed to protect messaging systems. Some organisations copy production data to test, but this risks legislative non-compliance as the messages contain highly sensitive information like banking and healthcare data. To prepare systems for new standards, QA must create diverse messages on demand, with corresponding data created across backend systems.

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50% faster message creation, 1400x faster maintenance

Test Data Automation generates complete, covered and compliant messages on demand, testing complex messaging systems at a fraction of the time and cost. The synthetic message generation is quick and easy to set up, providing example files and picking from generation rules in an intuitive wizard. Test Data Automation visualises the tree structures and decisions of analysed messages, creating messages that reflect the structures of production. Testers, developers and automation frameworks can then reuse the generation jobs on demand, self-serving the messages they need “just in time”. They can test messaging systems rapidly and rigorously against new standards, free from the toil of writing repetitive message files.

Synthetic File and Message Data Generation-1

The synthetic message generation covers the positive and negative scenarios needed to test complex message systems rapidly and rigorously. The synthetic files reflect the full range of formats and values that could be sent in production, applying model-based data generation to create a rich spread. The realistic, fictitious files further sidestep costly compliance risks and complex regulations, removing sensitive data from non-production testing. With Test Data Automation, a large central bank halved initial message creation time, before maintaining data 1400x faster after a requirements change. Talk to us if you would like to accelerate and optimise your message testing, preparing for new message standards in banking, health care and beyond.

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Easy-to-configure message data generation

Watch the two-minute overview of File and Message Generation from Test Data Automation, to see how:

  1. Test Data Automation generates thousands of files and messages in minutes, automatically converting example files to templates and picking from data generation rules.

  2. Test Data Automation automatically provides tree structure visualisations of analysed files, generating messages that accurately reflect the structure of production messages.

  3. The synthetic messages cover the range of possible values found in production, applying model-based data generation to test changing message systems rigorously.

  4. Engineers, automation frameworks and CI/CD tools can trigger reusable generation jobs on demand, receiving the messages needed to test changing message systems at speed.

  5. The synthetic message generation creates data consistently across backend systems, avoiding time-consuming test failures caused when message data is missing in test systems.

  6. Testing with synthetic messages sidesteps compliance risks and complexity, removing sensitive data from rapid and rigorous testing.

  7. Synthetic message generation enables accurate service and message virtualisation, removing testing bottlenecks created by unavailable, costly or unfinished system components.

  8. Message file generation is incredibly quick and simple to set up, rapidly generating test files for SWIFT, JSON, XML, XSD, XRBL, CVS, PACs, Parquet, Avro and beyond.


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Test messaging systems at a fraction of the time and cost

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