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Curiosity's Test Automation Demos

Requirements-Driven Test Automation: Convert User Stories into Tests & Data

Design, develop and deliver quality software faster, modelling accurate system requirements and...

Model-Based Test Automation for Microsoft Dynamics 365

Rigorously test Microsoft Dynamics 365 Applications after each new release. Rapid move application...

Visual BDD: Generate optimised Gherkin with matching data and scripts

Generate complete Gherkin specifications with matching test data, pushed to test automation...

Test Modeller in 2 Minutes - Deliver Accurately Built, Fully Tested Software

Discover 5 reasons to add visual modelling to your delivery lifecycles, delivering accurately...

Test Modeller and SelectorsHub

Convert UI scans into rigorous scripts and data. Test Modeller and SelectorsHub reduce the...

Test automation for Oracle FLEXCUBE

Avoid bugs, downtime and vulnerabilities. Generate tests and data from quick-to-build flows,...

Test Modeller and Sauce Labs - Model-Based Test Automation

Generate rigorous automated tests and data in minutes using Test Modeller, pushing optimised...

Excel Formula Parsing: Understand, model and test data transforms

Excel formula parsing replaces complex spreadsheets with visual flowcharts and easy-to-read...

Test Generation for Rally: Drive Rigorous In-Sprint Testing with Test Modeller

Automatically convert Rally test suites into easy-to-maintain flowcharts, auto-generating rigorous...

How to Mask Databases with Test Data Automation - Data Masking Tutorial

Test Data Automation provides a quick and intuitive approach to masking complex test data...