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Test Data and Service Virtualization Experts

Altair Consulting is a Brazilian company with extensive experience in the continuous improvement of application development. They specialise in accelerating software delivery, increasing quality, and decreasing the IT costs associated with development at scale.

In partnership with a respected research institution in Brazil and a member of the worldwide non-profitable organization, CISQ (Consortium for Information and Software Quality), Altair Consulting anticipates trends, comes up with new methods, and continuously evaluates new tools and vendors. Altair's specialist research evaluates the fit and feasibility of these solutions for the Brazilian market, before encouraging and helping its clients to take advantage of the latest evolutions in software delivery.



Altair Consulting's approach to improving software delivery combines foresight techniques and strategy alignment with execution at scale. This has helped organisations deliver effective solutions in application intelligence, DevOps, testing, virtualization, FinOps, and more. These solutions work together with synergy, integration, and non-redundancy, aiming to boost the productivity and quality of IT organization.

Altair Consulting is responsible for the vision, solutions selling, supply and/or implementation of the products according to each client's need, as has bee achieved in cooperation with Curiosity in Brazil.


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