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Quality Assurance Experts

Lemontree provides services in all areas related to software and process quality with a strong emphasis on continuous quality and automation, both test automation and RPA. They specialize in helping customers increase their digital transformation rate without decreasing the quality of their digital services. 

Lemontree's success is strongly tied to their culture, their level of skill and their ability to quickly create complete, working, solutions by using industry-leading products from their partners.

Their growing number of customers and employees is proof that Lemontree's mix of strategy, tech and commitment is the difference that makes a difference. Their head office is in Stockholm, Sweden.




Data Breaks DevOps

Delivering quality systems at speed instead requires on demand access to rich and interrelated data. With today’s technologies, that means “allocating” data during CI/CD processes and automated testing, making rich and compliant data available to parallel teams and frameworks automatically.

Watch Data Breaks DevOps: Why you need automated test data in CI/CD with Lemontree to see a pragmatic approach for moving from current test data processes to “just in time” data allocation

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