Rigorous Automated Testing for Microsoft Visual Studio Team Services (Azure DevOps/VSTS/TFS)

Generate optimised tests and data, and maintain them automatically in Microsoft Visual Studio Team Services or Team Foundation Server. 

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Test Modeller connects into Microsoft VSTS or TFS, to introduce the rigour of Model-Based Testing within structured Application Lifecycle management. Accurate flowchart models are built rapidly from existing requirements, user stories and test cases using Test Modeller, before automated coverage algorithms generate the smallest set of test cases needed to exercise the logic they contain. Test data, automated tests, and virtual serves can further be generated from the model automatically, removing the bottlenecks associated with test design and execution. 

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The complete test suite is exported into Microsoft VSTS or TFS from Test Modeller, providing QA with everything they need to rigorously test systems, when and where they need it. When a user story or requirement in VSTS changes, the central model is simply updated, automatically maintaining the test assets stored across VSTS or TFS. This reduces slow and error-prone test maintenance, enabling rigorous testing that keeps up with fast-changing systems. 

Microsoft VSTS is one of a wide-range of connects provided by Test Modeller to keep information aligned across existing DevOps pipelines.

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