Test Modeller for Micro Focus BPT

Rapid and rigorous test generation using BPT components

Introduce the speed and rigour of model-based test generation to Micro Focus BPT, generating optimised tests and data from BPT components. Test Modeller minimises slow and manual test creation, all while optimising tests to detect bugs earlier and at less cost to fix.

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Manual test design leaving complex systems exposed?

Micro Focus BPT’s visual test design and re-usable components provide simple test creation for complex systems, using integrations with ALM/QC and UFT for easy end-to-end testing. However, test execution is only as good as the tests it runs, and test design using business processes must still ensure high test coverage. For today’s systems and technologies, that requires a wide range of complex tests, each with matching test data. Given the number and complexity of these scenarios, manual test design can rarely identify the majority of possible tests. It instead results in low coverage testing that targets a small set of “happy path” logic, leaving most of the system exposed to bugs. Rigorously testing business-critical processes instead requires a systematic, coverage-driven approach to test design.

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Complete test suites, generated in one click

Test Modeller introduces the speed and rigour of model-based test design to Micro Focus BPT, auto-generating optimized tests and data from modelled BPT components. Technical and business users can rapidly build flowcharts from synchronised BPT artefacts, using automated modelling to create equivalence classes for the modelled components. The flowcharts come equipped with the data parameters needed for complete testing, rapidly building models to drive rigorous test design.


Automated test creation leverages a range of coverage algorithms to create the smallest set of test cases needed for optimal coverage. These can be exported seamlessly to test suites in Micro Focus ALM/QC, and Test Modeller also supports test script generation for Micro Focus UFT. Together, business and technical users can maintain the intuitive central flowcharts, auto-generating and executing comprehensive test suites to test complex applications rigorously in short sprints.

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Model-Based Testing for Micro Focus BPT

Watch this short example of testing a flight booking system using Micro Focus BPT, ALM and Test Modeller, to discover how:

  1. Test Modeller automatically synchronises Business Process Components from Micro Focus ALM, rapidly re-using their logic and data to generate rigorous automated tests.

  2. Dragging-and-dropping components to flowchart models automatically models their associated equivalence classes, quickly building logical models to maximise test coverage.

  3. Automated test generation creates the smallest set of test cases needed to test the modelled business logic, detecting bugs earlier and at less cost to fix.

  4. Each test comes equipped with the data it needs for rapid execution, exported seamlessly to test suites in Micro Focus ALM.

  5. The visual, model-based test design enables business users to create rigorous tests, using integrations with ALM/QC and Micro Focus UFT to execute automated tests in-sprint.

  6. Repetitive test maintenance is made quick and simple with Test Modeller, updating the central models to re-generate comprehensive test suites.


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