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Automated test generation for Rally Agile Central

Drive rigorous in-sprint testing with Test Modeller

Automatically convert Rally test suites into easy-to-maintain flowcharts, auto-generating rigorous test cases, data and scripts. Test Modeller allows cross-functional teams to deliver rigorously tested software in short sprints, minimising delays associated with manual test design, scripting and data provisioning.

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Manual test creation not compatible with short iterations?

Agile project management tools allow cross-functional teams to collaborate seamlessly enterprise-wide. They provide visibility into the status of test and development, with responsibilities clearly assigned. Yet, the testing and development remains only as good as the tests and user stories that feeds it, regardless of how well they are tracked. Iterative development requires continuous and in-sprint testing, but a raft of manual processes undermine testing speed and rigour. Manually creating test cases is too slow and unsystematic, hitting only a fraction of possible test scenarios. This exposes fast-changing systems to damaging bugs, while testers must update the static tests after each system change. Combine this with the time spent scripting tests and provisioning data, and testing falls further behind critical releases.


Auto-generate rigorous test cases, automation scripts and data

Test Modeller automatically generates complete test cases, scripts and data from visual flows, feeding them into Agile project management tools for rapid and rigorous testing in-sprint. The Rally test case importer quickly builds intuitive visual flows from Rally test suites, combining their test steps at the click of a button. The visual models make it quick and easy to spot missing test logic, rapidly increasing overall test coverage. A range of automated coverage algorithms then generate the smallest set of test cases needed to test the flowchart completely, detecting more bugs in fewer tests. Pushing the rigorous test suites automatically to Rally test suites enables parallel testers and developers to know exactly what needs testing in-sprint, while understanding clearly the status of completed tests and any bugs found.


Test Modeller further converts the rigorous test cases into automated test scripts with matching data, removing the bottlenecks associated with test scripting and data provisioning. Code from homegrown, open source and commercial frameworks can be reused quickly in the visual flows, allowing coders and non-coders to generate complete automated tests“Just in time” data allocation and a comprehensive range of in-built data generation functions further ensures that every test cases comes equipped with accurate data on-the-fly. Combined with the visibility and collaboration enabled by effective Agile Project Management, the automated test generation and maintenance enables cross-functional teams to deliver fully tested software in short sprints.

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Generate the smallest set of tests needed for optimal coverage:


Drive rigorous in-sprint testing from easy-to-maintain flowcharts

Watch this short demonstration of testing a credit approval system with Test Modeller and Rally to discover how:

  1. A few simple parameters connect Test Modeller to Rally in minutes, making test cases and test suites available during flow-driven test case generation.

  2. Importing test suites from Rally identifies overlapping test steps automatically, building complete flowcharts for automated and optimised test creation.

  3. Automated test generation creates the smallest set of test cases needed to “cover” the flowchart, reducing the number of Rally test cases without compromising test quality.

  4. The visual flows make it quick and easy to spot and add missing logic, rapidly augmenting Rally test suites to detect more bugs earlier and at less cost to fix.

  5. Test Modeller automatically pushes the optimised tests to Rally and multiple test automation frameworks, ready for rigorous testing in-sprint.

  6. Each Rally test case comes equipped with test steps and expected results, while Test Modeller further generates “just in time” data for each and every test.

  7. As systems change, maintaining multiple test cases and suites becomes as quick and simple as making edits once in central flowcharts, hitting regenerate to create rigorous tests in-sprint.

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