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Test Modeller for Tricentis qTest

Automatically model and optimise qTest test suites 

Automatically model test suites from Tricentis qTest, generating optimized test cases, automation scripts and data. Test Modeller minimises test design bottlenecks, generating the test assets needed to test systems rigorously in short sprints.

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Agile test management needs agile test creation

Effective Agile test management offers the cross-tool visibility needed to collaborate at speed, enabling teams across the SDLC to understand exactly which test have been executed. Yet, the testing itself remains only as good as the tests that feed it. QA teams today must be capable of designing and maintaining comprehensive tests at the speed of rapid system change, executing new test suites in days or weeks. A raft of manual processes can prevent this rigorous in-sprint testing, from manual test case design and scripting, to slow data refreshes and impossible maintenance demandsFast-changing systems are then exposed to costly defects, regardless of how well test cases and run results are managed. 


Test fast-changing systems rigorous in-sprint 

Test Modeller automatically generates optimized test cases, scripts and data from easy-to-use flowchart models, feeding them into Agile Test Management tools for rigoroustraceable testing in short iterationsThe Tricentis qTest connector builds the intuitive visual models automatically from existing test suites, rapidly importing and optimising existing test suites for comprehensive testing in-sprint. 


Importing test suites from qTest automatically combines test steps, rapidly building logical models of the system under test. Missing logic is easy to spot in the visual flowcharts, quickly augmenting the models to build more rigorous test suites. range of coverage algorithms convert the flowcharts automatically into the smallest set of tests and scripts needed to test the modelled logic, exported back to qTest and test automation frameworks. As complex systems change, test maintenance becomes as quick and simple as updating the central flowchart models, hitting “generate” to updates test cases, scripts and data. Business users, developers and testers can all collaborate from the intuitive visual models, feeding logically complete models to drive rigorous testing in-sprint.

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Generate the smallest set of tests needed for optimal coverage:


Automatically model and optimise Tricentis qTest test suites.

Watch these two short videos of flowchart modelling for Tricentis qTest to discover how: 

  1. Test Modeller automatically imports test suites from Tricentis qTest, combining their test steps to build visual flowchart models in seconds. 

  2. Automated coverage algorithms generate the smallest set of test cases needed for optimal coverage, detecting more bugs earlier and at significantly less cost to fix.

  3. Augmenting the coverage of existing test suites is as quick and simple as dragging new blocks to the intuitive flowchart models, hitting “generate” to increase the rigour of existing tests.

  4. Test Modeller auto-generates test scripts with matching test data from the easy-to-use models, rapidly automating tests for in-sprint test execution.

  5. Updating the central models aligns test cases, data and scripts as complex systems change rapidly, minimising test maintenance bottlenecks and avoidable test failures.  


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