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Test Modeller's Latest Release Notes - March 14th 2023

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Welcome to Curiosity's brand-new releases blog for Test Modeller!

This blog will be released every fortnight, and feature the latest updates and features available in Test Modeller. You can also check out the Release Notes section of our Knowledge Base to see all of our updates as they come out. 

Additionally, we've also launched a new status page for Test Modeller Cloud, which you can use to double-check the status of Test Modeller.

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Check out Test Modeller's Latest Updates

Preview of Extracted JSON Path Results on API Response

You can now see a preview of extracted JSON Path Results in the API response window after executing an API request in Test Modeller.  

Git Connector to Automation Traceability

This new feature allows you to view the connections made from your Git Connector to different models, objects and frameworks.

Data Painter on Workspace Rules Configuration

You can now use the Data Painter for the creation of data rules in your Test Modeller workspace.

Impacted Objects and Extra Protection on Deletion

This update displays a new window when trying to delete objects in Test Modeller. It displays objects which will be impacted by deletion and asks for confirmation before deleting. 

Notifications for File Comments and Assignee Changes

This new feature displays new comments and changes to various objects in Test Modeller's notification panel.

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View and Project Manage the Status of Test Modeller Tasks

This update introduces the Work Tracking view in Test Modeller, which allows you to view and manage the status of Test Modeller tasks in a central location.

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Auto-Populate the Response Type when Formulating an API Request

You can now auto-populate and update the response type when formulating an API Request.

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API Request Logging in QuickStart API Automation

You can now display the logged information on an API run, and view it in the Job Results page of Test Modeller.

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Tags Defined at the Project Level

This new feature in the Tags window allows you to create tags at a global or project level in Test Modeller. 

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Tag Multiple Nodes at the Same Time

You can now tag multiple nodes at the same time in Test Modeller. 

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Choose the Save Location when using Move to Subflow

You can now choose the save location when using the move to subflow feature in Test Modeller. 

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Assertion Results Shown in API Request Executor

This new feature gives you the ability to view the assertion results from the API Response/Set-up window.

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Data Painter on Table Diagram Action

You can now use the Data Painter to define/add data variables to the Table Action in Test Modeller.

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