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6 min read

Test Modeller's Latest Release Notes - April 25th 2023

Featured Image

Welcome to Curiosity's latest Test Modeller Release Notes blog!

This blog features the latest updates and features available in Test Modeller, including the new data validation capability, new TestInsight features and a range of smaller updates.

You can also check out the Release Notes section of our Knowledge Base to see all of our updates as they come out. 

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Feature in Focus: Data Validation

Setting up the Data Validation is quick and easy with Test Data Automation for automatically analysing, identifying and verifying relationships in your data for BDAs and other stakeholders to consume. Data Validate further identifies data relationships and combinations of which should and should not occur together. 

Learn More About Data Validation

Check out Test Modeller's Latest Updates

Add Models and Dynamically Assign Coverage to a Test Suite

You can now add models to test suites, set coverage profiles, dynamically generate automation, execute the automation and then view results all from one location! 

Failure Analysis on Test Automation

You can now analyse test failures from the job results screen. This new feature allows you to re-test a failed test, automatically create a new test suite, and view the reasons why the test failed and the paths that failed in your model.

Tables Appear in Job Results

When running a Preview Test Data Job, you can now view the table results in the Job Results tab in Test Modeller as well as in the model view.

Check it out here >>>

Keyword in Path Naming Convention for Pulling Node Values from Master Model

There is now a new naming convention in Test Modeller called Master Model. You can use this to pull path names from subflows when generating paths in your Master Model.

Check it out here >>>

Choose from Existing Tables and Columns in SQL Test Criteria

When creating a new Test Criteria, you can now choose from all the tables you have in Test Modeller and then specify the columns which you want to pull from. 

Check it out here >>>

JSON Path Not Exists Assertion for API Automation

When creating a new API Request, you can now use the JSON Path Not Exists as an assertion function. 

Check it out here >>>

TestInsights - Automation Suite Analysis & Conversion

TestInsights are a new feature which showcases a range of information from a test run. This includes heatmaps, raw test cases, and a blueprint view which shows all the different paths that were taken through the application.

Check it out here >>>

TestInsights - Action Pack in QuickStart Web Automation Framework

TestInsight actions packs are now available when using the QuickStart Web Automation Framework. These actions are available in the explorer and include, "StartRecorder", "StopRecorder" and "UploadRecorder".

Check it out here >>>



Want the latest features highlighted in this blog, but haven't upgraded to the latest version of Test Modeller? Reach out to your Curiosity representative to get upgraded. 

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