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8 min read

Test Modeller's Latest Release Notes - June 6th 2023

Featured Image

Welcome to Curiosity's latest Test Modeller Release Notes blog for June 2023!

This blog features the latest updates and features available in Test Modeller, including updates to Model GPT, Multi-Factor authentication actions, version message editing, external entity synchronisation and much more!

For more documentation, explore our recently updated knowledge base website! We've added a range of new quality of life features, in addition to new articles and a reworked layout, check it out here!

You can also check out the Release Notes section of our Knowledge Base to see all of our updates as they come out.

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Feature in Focus: Model GPT Update

ModelGPT has been extended so it can be directly utilised in the model editor view. This means you can directly utilise Generative AI within the model editor to accelerate model building

The AI-powered solution:

  • ✅ Converts specifications, prompts and web pages into flowchart models of how the system should work.
  • ✅ Autogenerates test cases, automation and data from the system flows.
  • ✅ Self-analyses its models and generates new flowcharts based on user feedback.

Learn More About Model GPT

Check out Test Modeller's Latest Updates

ModelGPT: Import JIRA Tickets Using Generative AI

ModelGPT can now import JIRA tickets and convert them into models in Test Modeller using Generative AI. This is a powerful capability which means you can directly integrate Generative AI into your JIRA platform.

Run Failed Models from Job Results View

Failed tests can now be selected and re-ran within the job results view. This is a time saving feature which allows you to quickly re-run a failure to verify it is still an issue in the application.

QuickStart Web: Multi-Factor Authentication Action

The QuickStart Web framework in Test Modeller now supports Multi-Factor Authentication. In this example, we specifically show how it can be setup for authenticating against Microsoft login process.

Check it out here >>>

Edit Test Modeller Version Message

This feature allows for the version message within a model to be updated. 

View External Entity Traceability

External entities are used for traceability in Test Modeller. Whenever anything is imported into or exported from a model, an external entity is created and linked against the model. This gives modeller the ability to provide full end to end traceability across your software landscape. This capability allows users to view and search the external entities.

Check it out here >>>

Synchronise External Entities from JIRA

Along with the ability to view external entities, users can now synchronise entities from JIRA into test modeller. This creates any new entities (if they don't exist already), along with synchronising existing ones if they have changed.

Check it out here >>>

Path Description Available in Connector Field Mapping

The path description field is now available in the connector field mapping screen. This means the path description can be mapped to any field in a connector when exporting from test modeller.

Check it out here >>>

Personal Access Token Authentication for JIRA XRay Cloud

The ability to use personal access tokens (PAT) for authentication against JIRA XRay cloud.

Check it out here >>>

Movement Handles on Module Object & Page Object Identifier Screens

Movement handles have been added to the module object and page object identifier screen. 

Check it out here >>>

Test Database Connection Directly on the Database Definition

Test Database Connection Directly on the Database Definition screen to ensure your connection from modeller to your database works.

Check it out here >>>

Want the latest features highlighted in this blog, but haven't upgraded to the latest version of Test Modeller? Reach out to your Curiosity representative to get upgraded. 

We've also launched a status page for Test Modeller Cloud, which you can use to double-check the status of Test Modeller.

For updates on Test Modeller news and resources as they are released, please also follow Curiosity on TwitterLinkedInFacebook or check out our YouTube channel.

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