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7 min read

Test Modeller's Latest Release Notes - July 18th 2023

Featured Image

Welcome to Curiosity's latest Test Modeller Release Notes blog for July 2023!

This blog features the latest updates and features available in Test Modeller, including updates to ModelGPT, QuickStart Web and API automation framework additions, the ability to scan JIRA requirements and more!

For more documentation, explore our recently updated knowledge base website! You can also check out the Release Notes section of our Knowledge Base to see all of our updates as they come out.

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Feature in Focus: Model GPT Update

With ModelGPT, you can now effortlessly transform your visual models into user stories. This enables a direct conversion and export into your preferred requirements management tool, streamlining your process further.

The AI-powered solution:

  • ✅ Converts specifications, prompts and web pages into flowchart models of how the system should work.
  • ✅ Autogenerates test cases, automation and data from the system flows.
  • ✅ Self-analyses its models and generates new flowcharts based on user feedback.

Learn More About Model GPT

Check out Test Modeller's Latest Updates

ModelGPT: Select Language for Model Importer

The ModelGPT importer which leverages Generative AI to create models from textual based requirements now includes the feature to select the language which models are generated into.

ModelGPT: Cache Builder Responses

Store responses from ModelGPT locally, significantly accelerating the model generation time. Plus, you can now effortlessly store and reutilize your preferred responses whenever required in the future.

QuickStart API: Return Cookie Value in API Request

In this update: The nature of API testing frequently necessitates the chaining of API calls, enabling values to be transferred to subsequent requests or validated. With our latest enhancement, users now have the capability to retrieve the value of a cookie.

Check it out here >>>

QuickStart Web: Ability to Automate File Upload

In this latest update to our Test Modeller product, we're thrilled to introduce a new feature that enhances our quickstart web automation framework - File Upload Capability. This allows users to upload a file for web application testing.

Check it out here >>>

Published Test Suite: Change Environment URL

Test suites frequently require execution against various environments using distinct end points. Our new feature offers the capability to users to substitute URLs dynamically, allowing seamless execution of a test suite in an alternate environment.

Check it out here >>>

Scan JIRA Requirements Connector

We've upgraded our system to empower users to sift through a JIRA repository of requirements, making them readily available for the Test Modeller. This not only provides traceability, but also simplifies the process of importing requirements.

Check it out here >>>

Email Notification on Job Completion

We've introduced an email notification system for tasks initiated in Test Modeller. Now, when a job concludes, you'll promptly receive an email detailing the status and result of the job, keeping you up-to-date with all operations.

Check it out here >>>

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We've also launched a status page for Test Modeller Cloud, which you can use to double-check the status of Test Modeller.

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