Test Modeller's Latest Release Notes - May 24th 2023

Mantas Dvareckas

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Welcome to Curiosity's latest Test Modeller Release Notes blog for May 2023!

This blog features the latest updates and features available in Test Modeller, including, Model GPT, Data GPT, our updated Knowledge Base website and much more! We've recently updated our knowledge base website, adding a range of new quality of life features, in addition to new articles and a reworked layout, check it out here!

You can also check out the Release Notes section of our Knowledge Base to see all of our updates as they come out. 

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Feature in Focus: Model GPT

ModelGPT utilises Generative AI to allow users to directly create models from textual based requirements.

It automatically analyses scenarios and web pages provided by a “human in the loop”, converting them into flowcharts of the desired system.

Model-based test generation then creates and maintains optimised tests, moving in seconds from text prompts to models, tests and data.

The AI-powered solution:

  • ✅ Converts specifications, prompts and web pages into flowchart models of how the system should work.
  • ✅ Autogenerates test cases, automation and data from the system flows.
  • ✅ Self-analyses its models and generates new flowcharts based on user feedback.

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DataGPT - Create Data Lists from Text

DataGPT utilises Generative AI to allow users to enter text and directly create test data within Test Data Automation. This powerful feature enables users to describe the test data they require, and then have it generated automatically for them.

Include Custom Fields in Generated Code

Include custom fields in generated code.

Concurrency Filter on User Management

The concurrent filter on user management allows users to filter to see exactly what concurrent licenses are in use and by whom.

Check it out here >>>

Save Created Diagrams for Data Lists

Diagrams can be created from lists to visualise patterns and identify areas of rich or low data coverage. The diagrams can be saved against a list to persist them and enable users to access created diagrams at a later date.

Check it out here >>>

OpenID Connect Authentication for Azure Active Directory

OpenID connect is an authentication provider for Azure Active Directory. This integration allows Test Modeller to perform authentication against Azure Active Directory.

Check it out here >>>

Daily Active Users Activity Graph in Workspace Subscription

The daily active users graph allows users to assess their licence consumption.

Check it out here >>>

Right Click on Node & Edge to Insert Node

Users can right-click on nodes and edges to directly insert another node. This is a time saving feature which allows blocks to be directly inserted onto the canvas, therefore reducing the number of clicks to create a model.

Check it out here >>>

Hide / Unhide Custom Fields

Custom fields can now be disabled and hidden within the configuration screen. 

Check it out here >>>

Default Assignee and State when Creating a Model

A default assignee of the current users, and a state of in-progress is set for any new models created.

Check it out here >>>

Additional Model States - Approved and Rejected

There are two new additional model states of Approved and Rejected, which can be applied to any models in the file browser.

Check it out here >>>

Ability to Change Font Size and Colour on Nodes

The font size and colour of text inside nodes can now be set. 

Check it out here >>>

New Multi-Select Custom Field Type

A new custom field type has been added which allows users to multi-select values from a drop-down list. This is useful when multiple values need to be selected for a custom field.

Check it out here >>>

Personal Access Token Authentication for JIRA XRay

The JIRA XRay plugin now supports Personal Access Tokens for authentication against the JIRA server.

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