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8 min read

Test Modeller & Test Data Automation Release Notes - August 1st 2023

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Welcome to Curiosity's latest Release Notes blog for June 2023!

This blog features the latest updates and features available in Test Modeller and Test Data Automation, including updates to Model GPT, Synthetic Data Generation, Data Pattern Analysis, a look at the new File Structure diagrams, and much more!

For more documentation, explore our knowledge base website! You can also check out the Release Notes section of our Knowledge Base to see all of our updates as they come out.

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Feature in Focus: ModelGPT

We've continued to make updates to our generative AI capabilities, and we now have the ability to convert written code into flowcharts, ready for script, test case and data generation. Watch the demo below to see it in action! 

Visit our solutions page to learn more about ModelGPT.

Test Modeller's

Latest Updates

QuickStart API: API Results Show Returned Cookies

With the latest update, users can now view returned cookies directly within the API results. This feature provides a more transparent and comprehensive view of API interactions, allowing users to review and evaluate the cookies returned from each API call.

QuickStart API: Extract Cookie Value Action

With this update, users can now extract cookie values directly from returned API responses. What makes it even more exciting is that these extracted cookie values can be used to chain further API requests or incorporated into assertions. This not only enhances the flexibility of making subsequent API calls but also adds a new dimension to verifying responses. 

Auto-Login to Chrome Extension

Users can now enjoy the convenience of auto-login, eliminating the need for manual sign-ins each time. Once you've configured this setting, our extension will automatically log you in, saving your precious time and ensuring immediate access to the functionalities.

Create Model Direct from Automation Module

Users can now auto-generate a model directly from a module function, such as an API request. This significantly accelerates the model creation process and streamlines your testing workflow.

Syntax for Raw Data Value in Automation Code

This feature allows for raw data values to be directly embedded in automation code within the modeller automation definition. This is useful as a get-out-of-jail feature to expose a variable without editing code templates.

Test Data Automation's

Latest Udpates

File and Message Generation Activity - Full Release

This activity involves configuring and defining the models for file and message creation, which can handle any structured messages with complex data generation functions.

Watch our overview video and explore our documentation to learn how to set-up and configure the Create Messages and Files Activity.

Enhanced Data Generation within Test Modeller

We've significantly improved the integration between data generation for database and messages within Test Modeller. 

You can now call multiple data generations from within your models. This means you can generate data into a database and also create messages with matching and consistent data directly from your models.

Learn more about our Data Generation Activity and it's features by checking out our expanded documentation.

Scan Data and Look for Relationships

You can now scan data and look for potential new soft relationships inside databases. The facility scans the data characteristics and gives a percentage probability that these columns and tables are related.

Data Activity Window in Test Modeller for Scan Data and Look for Relationships

Mask Database Activity

Data masking, is the process of replacing sensitive information in databases with fabricated, yet realistic, data. The technique is designed to protect the actual data while still being able to use the database system for various tasks, including software testing, user training, or data analysis, among others. 

This process ensures that sensitive data remains inaccessible to those who do not need to see it, thereby reducing the potential for data breaches and unauthorized access.

Check out our complete Database Activity page to learn more.

ScanFiles - New Job

You can scan CSV, JSON or XML files for PII data. This works in a similar way to database scanning. 

It uses element name, regular expression and seedlist matching to assign categories.

MaskFiles - Enhancement

You can now mask multiple CSV, JSON, XML files in one job! 

Want the latest features highlighted in this blog, but haven't upgraded to the latest version of Test Modeller or Test Data Automation? Reach out to your Curiosity representative to get upgraded. 

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