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8 min read

Test Modeller & Test Data Automation Release Notes - June 20th 2023

Featured Image

Welcome to Curiosity's latest Release Notes blog for June 2023!

This blog features the latest updates and features available in Test Modeller and Test Data Automation, including updates to Model GPT, Synthetic Data Generation, Data Pattern Analysis, a look at the new File Structure diagrams, and much more!

For more documentation, explore our recently updated knowledge base website! We've added a range of new quality of life features, in addition to new articles and a reworked layout, check it out here!

You can also check out the Release Notes section of our Knowledge Base to see all of our updates as they come out.

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Feature in Focus: ModelGPT

We're excited to unveil the Query and Ask Questions in a Model feature. This extension of our generative AI algorithm empowers users to pose queries and receive answers about their models, facilitating a more interactive and responsive modelling process.

ModelGPT allows you to:

✅ Convert specifications, prompts and web pages into flowchart models of how the system should work.
✅ Autogenerates test cases, automation and data from the system flows.
✅ Summarise a model, provide feedback and query the model.

ModelGPT - Provide Model Feedback

We're pleased to present ModelGPT - Model Review. This enhancement of our generative AI algorithm, ModelGPT, enables it to examine a model and deliver constructive suggestions on how to achieve a more comprehensive design. This feature promotes a more effective and complete model development process.

ModelGPT - Summarise a Model

Introducing ModelGPT - Model Summarisation. This feature expands on our generative AI algorithm, ModelGPT, allowing it to summarise a model into a concise text description. This enhancement streamlines understanding and provides a quick snapshot of your model's structure and purpose.

Test Modeller's

Latest Updates

Warning for Out of Date Published Tests

We've introduced warnings for outdated published tests. When a model generates new tests, a warning message pops up in the published test suite, alerting the user about the availability of a new test. Users can simply click a button to update their test suite with the most recent test.

File Extension Override in Code Templates

Customisation of code template file extensions is now possible. This feature accommodates languages not initially supported by Modeller and allows integration of specific file types used by your automation framework, enhancing the tool's adaptability and versatility.

Formulas and Data Variables in Model Custom Fields

You can now evaluate formulas and reference data variables within a model's custom fields. This feature allows for values to be assigned throughout the model, which are then utilized during export, offering greater control and flexibility in data manipulation.

Test Data Automation's

Latest Udpates

Synthetic Test Data Generation - Full Release

We have now released the full synthetic test data generation capability for Test Data Automation. This release is fully integrated with the front end product, and significantly easier to use. 

File Structure Diagrams - New Feature

We've introduced File Structure Diagrams to the Data Dictionary, which allow you to see a visual representation of the data structures you're using. These diagrams allow you to better understand message structures. 

An Example File Structure Diagram in Test Data Automation

An Example File Structure Diagram in Test Data Automation

Scan Files Function - New Feature

A new job can now be created which allows you to scan files such as CSV, JSON or XML. This function is very similar to the way scanning databases works, it does enumerations and tagging based on regular expressions, column names and element names.

Data Pattern Analysis - New Feature

We've launched a new data activity, Data Pattern Analysis! This activity allows you to scan data and look for potential relationships between data states, to see which combinations should occur together or should not occur together. 

Data Search & Reserve - Enhancement

We've released a range of enhancements to the find capability for the Data Search & Reserve activity. 

 Find Form Improvements

After you build a find form, and make changes to it, you can now merge your form edits into a new form. The old and new form will merge together, so you don't lose any changes. 

Test Data Automation Version Management Improvements

We have made upgrading across different versions of Test Data Automation and Data Activities much more sophisticated and easier to carry out. Version management and test data activity management is much more rapid, while upgrading test data jobs is much faster and moving data across versions is much simpler. 

Enhanced Data Reporting and Auditing

Data reporting has also been further enhanced, you can now view reports on:

  • How much data has been generated.
  • How much data has been found.
  • How much data is being allocated.
  • and much more!

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