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RCG focuses on achieving measurable business outcomes for customer engagement, workforce enablement, and operations optimization. RCG is a global provider of digital solutions across mobile, web, cloud, and legacy platforms, with a focus on impactful customer experiences via strategic quality engineering. RCG serves clients across a range of markets, with special emphasis on financial services, insurance, healthcare, and consumer industries. RCG is based in Iselin, New Jersey, with offices throughout the United States, and offshore delivery centers in the Philippines and India.

RCG brings focused expertise to affect business change, enable digital transformation, and deliver measured value and impact.




Solving Test Data

Outdated test data management practices are today a sinkhole for testing and development time. They stifle release velocity, risk costly legislative non-compliance, and yet still do not provide the data needed to protect releases from damaging bugs. Watch our webinar, Solving Test Data: The Greatest Quality Engineering Bottleneck for Enterprises Today, with RCG Global Services to see how we solve test data challenges! 

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In this webinar, Global Head of Quality Engineering at RCG, Niko Mangahas, draws on extensive project experience to define the test data challenges facing enterprises today. He will then help you identify the right test data solution for your organisation, setting out principles for effective requirements gathering and program design. Niko then hands over to veteran test data inventor, Huw Price, who will demo some of the latest techniques for making complete and compliant data available on-the-fly during parallel testing, development, and CI/CD.


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