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Intelligent Requirements Analysis

ScopeMaster® is an intelligent tool for software requirements analysis, it reads user stories like a human and performs time-consuming analysis work for you.  It parses, interprets, tests, cross-references, sizes and then reports on many aspects of your user stories. It will find potential problems such as: ambiguities, duplicates, omissions, inconsistencies and complexities.  ScopeMaster® will find, and help you fix, typically 30 – 60% of all requirements issues, which is approximately 10% of all project defects.  ScopeMaster® is also the first technology ever to automate functional sizing from requirements.

ScopeMaster® makes transparent use of  A.I. to help reduce waste and risk on software work.




More Sprint Planning Won't Fix It

Want to see the integration between Test Modeller and ScopeMaster in action? Check out More Sprint Planning Won't Fit It: Why do requirements still let quality down?  

Watch the webinar

This webinar showcases a rapid approach to improving user stories, while simultaneously generating tests to find the bugs that do make it into code. You will see how automated analysis can flag ambiguity and incompleteness in user stories, while mapping dependencies to build a logically coherent system picture. Generating automated tests from the accurate user stories then catches coded bugs in-sprint, protecting production quality and minimising costly rework.


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