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Visualise user stories with Test Modeller

Test Modeller synchronises evolving Jira user stories in clear visual flows, bringing BAs, developers and testers into close collaboration. Cross-functional teams can resolve design defects before they create costly rework, while generating the functional tests needed to deliver quality code with each release.

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Poor software requirements derail software projects

Low quality requirements introduce many of the time-consuming and costly bugs that make it into critical software releases. Devastating design defects often go undetected throughout testing and development, leading to substantial defect remediation costs and impacting end-user experiences. Further delays and rework arise from miscommunication, as BAs, testers and developers work in siloed and unconnected tools. They lack a single point of collaboration and communication, and so are unable to improve ambiguous, incomplete and fragmented user stories. Testers and developers are slow to learn about the impact of new requirements on complex systems, risking bugs as they struggle to identify, implement and rigorously test every change needed before the next release.

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Convert fast-changing user stories into quality releases

Using Test Modeller, cross-functional teams can collaborate seamlessly to deliver accurately built, rigorously tested software in short sprints. Collaborative requirements gathering synchronises fast-changing user stories in visual flowcharts, rapidly importing new stories to maintain “living documentation”. The rapid requirements modelling retains all the flexibility of agile and iterative approaches, while providing testers and developers with a complete picture of complex systems. Ambiguity and incompleteness are easy to spot in visual flows, avoiding the rework that stems from poor requirements. Assembling the flows into end-to-end models then provides developers with a complete map of system dependencies, converting fast-changing user stories into quality releases.

Visualize user stories with Test Modelle_Shift quality left and generate rigorous automated tests

Test Modeller generates Jira user stories and rigorous automated tests from the up-to-date flowcharts, rapidly resolving design bugs and bugs that enter code. Exporting accurate user stories and complete subtasks to tools like Jira quickly and clearly communicates new requirements to cross-functional teams, while enabling teams to work in their preferred formats and technologies. Updates made in Jira or Test Modeller synchronise automatically, rapidly incorporating change requests while maintaining “living documentation”. Visual dependency mapping and requirements traceability further shows testers and developers what needs updating after a change, collaborating seamlessly with BAs and product owners to deliver fast-changing requirements.

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Shift Left quality and generate rigorous automated tests

Watch this short demo of rapid and rigorous requirements gathering for Jira, and discover how:

  1. Test Modeller provides templates and importers for creating new requirements models, rapidly copying and pasting written user stories to build flowcharts of complex systems.

  2. The visual flows synchronize fast-changing user stories in complete logical models, resolving incompleteness and ambiguity before they can create substantial rework.

  3. The visual flowcharts clearly map the decision logic and equivalence classes associated with each user story, providing developers with a clear specification for building systems in short sprints.

  4. Assembling the reusable models visually into end-to-end flows maps the logic of complex systems clearly, avoiding frustrating bugs and remediation time caused by poor requirements.

  5. Hitting “generate” creates a clear and complete set of user stories into tools like Jira, avoiding vendor lock and allowing teams to move seamlessly between written stories and visual flows.

  6. Test Modeller automatically generates subtasks into Jira user stories, grouping related scenarios and user journeys to build a coherent picture of fast-changing systems.

  7. Full synchronization between Jira user stories and Test Modeller flowcharts enables teams to make rapid change requests, incorporating them into complex software requirements.

  8. Automated test generation creates optimized tests and data from the visual requirements models, catching bugs that enter code while they are quick and affordable to fix.

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