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Organisation Test Data Tech Debt

In this episode of Test Data Strategy at The Enterprise, Rich Jordan explores how organisational tech debt can be paid-down, leading to a better understanding of changing systems and their data structures.

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Understanding Test Data

Many organisations will struggle to maintain a good or up-to-date understanding of the data within their systems, or how the data flows between their systems.

It’s typically seen in organisations with legacy platforms or where many systems that are highly coupled.

So beyond the regulatory ask, your organisation will need to do data analysis and profiling to accelerate the journey for paying-back organisational tech debt, but do you know where this technical debt exists in your organisation?

The Test Data at The Enterprise series provides a POV on overcoming the much-cited industry analysis of Test Data being as one of the biggest blockers to fast and effective testing within organisations today. Watch the rest of the series below.


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Discover how Curiosity's Test Data Automation can help you implement a modern test data strategy!

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