Tooling To Meet Your Test Data Strategy

In this episode of Test Data Strategy at The Enterprise, Rich Jordan proposes that tooling alone isn’t enough, and that a good Test Data Strategy also addresses the range of capabilities and complexity the tooling adds to an organisation.

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Tools and Techniques for Creating Test Data

Too many organisations rely on rudimental tools and techniques to create test data.

At entry level, do you understand where PII exists (profiling), where technical debt is in the system (comparison), and which data needs anonymising (masking)? More fully, what’s the size and shape of your data (synthetic data gen), the pace and efficiency (subsetting to shrink data volumes) of usage?

Or for an ephemeral environment strategy around DevOps (virtualisation) how do these all inform strategic decisions about tooling? Ask yourself, do you have the requisite tooling that helps you understand and resolve the problems you are facing when it comes to test data?

The Test Data at The Enterprise series provides a POV on overcoming the much-cited industry analysis of Test Data being as one of the biggest blockers to fast and effective testing within organisations today. Watch the rest of the series below.


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